What is a fungal infection of the nail and its causes?

Fungal infections of the nails are also known as onychomomysis. Fungi spreading from athlete’s foot (known as ‘dermatophyte fungi’) cause most fungal nail infections. Far less often a nail infection is due to other types of fungi, usually yeasts (eg. Candida) and moulds (e.g. Scopulariopsis), which do not cause athelete’s foot.
These like to attack nails that are already weak,
perhaps after an old injury. Fungal infections
of toenails are common, those of fingernails
far less so. Both are seen most
often in the elderly.

Are they hereditary?
No, but several family members
may have them at the same
time because they can
catch them from each

How often

Apply once or twice
weekly as direected by your
healthcare professional

Who can use LOCETAR®

wrongDo not use in children
     under 12 years of age

When to use LOCETAR®

Nail Fungus - Anti-fungal Nail Treatment - Locetar

If Fungal nail infection reaches here. Suitable for Locetar® treatment

If fungal nail infecetion has reached here: Locetar® should not be used alone, talk to your healthcare professional.

locetar inti fungial
Nail Fungus - Anti-fungal Nail Treatment - Locetar

What do fungal infections
of the nails look like?

When fungi incade a nail, they usually start at its free edge, and then spread down the side of the nail towards its base. Eventually the whole nail may beinvolved. The infected areas turn white or yellowish, and become thickened and crumbly. Less common patterns of infection include white patches or streaks on the nail surface. The nails most commonly affected by fungal infections arethose on the big and little toes. When several fingernails are infected, they are usually on the same hand.

SELF CARE What can i do?

Keep you nails short, dry, and clean. Stick to one nail clipper for the infected nails and another for the normal ones.

Don’t just treat your nails; use an antifungal cream to treat the skin that has athlete’s foot as well.

Keep your feet dry, wear cotton socks, changed daily and use ‘breathable’ shoes.

Your activities need not be limited during treatment but, to avoid a recurrence, don’t walk barefoot around public pools, showers, and locker rooms.

Amorolfine Locetar - Anti-fungal Nail Treatment - Locetar

Each package contains:
1 bottle 5 (ml) of nail lacquer
10 spatulas
30 cleaning pads
30 nail files
Package insert
(Consumer Medicine